There is no question that Henrik Fisker will go down in history as one of the most influential automotive designers in the history of automotive. The BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB8 Vantage, bespoke motorcycles, and a yacht are just some of the automotive design credits on his resume. But as a CEO his reputation is less laudable. Will his latest venture, Fisker Inc., be any different?

Fisker announced the launch of a new company that has been operating in stealth mode for two years. The crux of the company revolves around not just his gorgeous designs, but centers on proprietary electric vehicle battery that the company claims will achieve a longer range than what is currently available on the market. This new battery is being developed by Fisker Nanotech, which is a subsidiary of the new enterprise, and is reportedly capable of a 400-mile range, according to an article in Bloomberg. Energy density is one of the challenges EV industry engineers are trying to overcome, and even leaders of this market are brushing up against theoretical limits.

Not much else is known about either Fisker, Inc. or Fisker Nanotech, and the serial automotive entrepreneur says that prototype designs will be unveiled in the second half of 2017. But designing seems to be the easy part for the Fisker–it’s executing and fundraising that kept the plug-in Karma from being the success it should have been.

businesswire.comScheduled to showcase its first premium, all-electric vehicle, a spiritual successor to the Fisker Karma, in the second half of 2017, the newly launched Fisker Inc. will create electric vehicles that break the mold of what’s currently available to consumers. The vehicle will feature a patented battery that will deliver a significantly longer life and range than any battery currently on the market. Fisker Nanotech, the battery arm of Fisker Inc., will pioneer the development of these game-changing batteries.

“Fisker Inc. will spearhead a revolution in electric cars that will disrupt the electric vehicle market and change the world,” said Henrik Fisker, who serves as Chairman and CEO. “Both the technology and the market are more mature now than when we first started out as pioneers in the electric vehicle industry, and our new vehicle will be the most innovative and cutting-edge electric car ever created.”

The battery chemistry is unlike anything used by an electric vehicle to date, designed to increase power and provide a longer battery life, while introducing a new packaging methodology and lightweight materials in the battery pack.

“We’re teaming to create a new paradigm of what’s possible in the application of battery technology within the automotive sector,” said Jack Kavanaugh, Chairman of Fisker Nanotech. “Our marriage of expertise and vision will deliver significant battery improvements in areas of density, longevity and speed of charging, contributing to reductions in overall cost.”

“If the electric car is to succeed as a mass market vehicle, we need a radical new battery technology and battery pack integration – and our vehicles will have just that. With our game-changing battery technology, now is the time to develop more affordable, mass market vehicles,” Fisker added.

In addition to launching a first-of-its-kind premium vehicle, Fisker is developing a mass-market, affordable electric vehicle that will retail for less than its competitors, but will feature a longer electric range.