Our cities, buildings, and garages were never designed to power our vehicles. This causes major pains for governments and building owners trying to install EV charging stations. Not only is bringing in the power needed fairly difficult, but it’s also extremely expensive. To get more than a handful of chargers installed can cost upwards of $100K per building and that investment may only get the building five to ten chargers.

Instead of trying to continually bring in more and more power EverCharge SmartPower technology uses the existing power available with more efficiency. The system can support ten times more chargers than a traditional solution without the additional investment in infrastructure, saving building owners thousands in install costs.

The Electric Future is Going to Need A Lot of Plugs

EverCharge Smart Charger Software

By using software, SmartPower can quickly upgrade a garage without major changes. When a charger isn’t in use, it can divert power to other stations that need it. If the battery in a car is almost full—the charger can send extra, unused power to another car.  Over time, the system can also start to learn when drivers plug in their cars and how much power they’ll need, which will help the network run more efficiently.

As electric cars go begin to go mainstream, having better charging options in our offices, apartments and condominiums is critical to the continued success of EV adoption.